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TV station name TV station brief page address
China Central Television  Beijing
China Education Television  Beijing
Shunyi TV station  Beijing
Changping TV Station  Beijing
MTV TV Beijing
Beijing TV  Beijing
Fengxian TV station Shanghai
Baoshan TV station  Shanghai
Star TV Shanghai
Shanghai Radio and Television Shanghai
Pudong TV Shanghai
DragonTV  Shanghai
Jinshan TV station  Shanghai
Jiading TV station  Shanghai
Tianjin TV Tianjin
Fuling TV  Chongqing
Banan TV  Chongqing
Chongqing TV station Chongqing
Wanzhou TV  Chongqing
changshou TV station  Chongqing
Jieyang TV station Guangdong
Qingyuan TV station Guangdong
Southern TV  Guangdong
Chaoyang TV station Guangdong
Zengcheng TV station  Guangdong
Shenzhen TV Guangdong
Huadu TV station Guangdong
Heshan TV station  Guangdong
Xinyi TV station Guangdong
Jiangmen TV Guangdong
Conghua TV station  Guangdong
Zhaoqing TV station  Guangdong
Zhuhai TV station  Guangdong
Xingning TV Station  Guangdong
Foshan TV Guangdong
Meizhou TV Station  Guangdong
Guangzhou TV station  Guangdong
Enping TV  Guangdong
Yunfu TV  Guangdong
Maoming TV station  Guangdong
Zhanjiang TV  Guangdong
Heyuan TV station  Guangdong
Shaoguan TV Station  Guangdong
Kaiping TV  Guangdong
Guangdong TV station Guangdong
Huilai TV Station  Guangdong
Shantou TV  Guangdong
Puning TV  Guangdong
Zhongshan TV station  Guangdong
Yingde TV station  Guangdong
Shanwei TV station  Guangdong
Chaozhou TV Guangdong
Huizhou TV  Guangdong
Yangjiang TV  Guangdong
Lechang TV station  Guangdong
Wuchuan TV station  Guangdong
Zhejiang TV  Zhejiang
Zhoushan TV station  Zhejiang
Ningbo TV station  Zhejiang
Quzhou TV station  Zhejiang
Wenzhou TV station  Zhejiang
Shaoxing TV  Zhejiang
Jiaxing TV station Zhejiang
Lanxi TV  Zhejiang
Yuyao TV station  Zhejiang
Longquan TV station  Zhejiang
Shangyu TV Station  Zhejiang
Zhuji TV station  Zhejiang
Wenling TV Zhejiang
Huzhou TV station  Zhejiang
Yongkang TV station  Zhejiang
Jiande TV station  Zhejiang
Jinhua TV station  Zhejiang
Hangzhou TV station Zhejiang
Yiwu TV  Zhejiang
Taizhou TV station  Zhejiang
Lishui TV station Zhejiang
Fuyang TV station  Zhejiang
Zhejiang TV Station  Zhejiang
Cixi TV station  Zhejiang
Dongyang TV Station  Zhejiang
Lin’an TV station Zhejiang
Pinghu TV  Zhejiang
Linhai TV station Zhejiang
Haining TV Station  Zhejiang
Yuhang TV  Zhejiang
Kunshan TV station Jiangsu
Wujiang TV Station Jiangsu
Haimen TV  Jiangsu
Jingjiang TV Station  Jiangsu
Jintan TV Jiangsu
Jiangdu TV station  Jiangsu
Yangzhou TV  Jiangsu
Yancheng TV station  Jiangsu
Nantong TV station  Jiangsu
Jiangsu TV  Jiangsu
Wuxi TV station  Jiangsu
Liyang TV station  Jiangsu
Taizhou TV  Jiangsu
Jurong TV station  Jiangsu
Xuzhou TV  Jiangsu
Huaian TV Station  Jiangsu
Suzhou TV Station  Jiangsu
Changshu TV station  Jiangsu
Dafeng TV  Jiangsu
Qidong TV station  Jiangsu
Changzhou TV station  Jiangsu
Yizheng TV Station  Jiangsu
Nanjing TV  Jiangsu
Xinyi TV station  Jiangsu
Rugao TV  Jiangsu
Taicang TV station  Jiangsu
Gaoyou TV  Jiangsu
Pizhou TV  Jiangsu
Jiangyin TV  Jiangsu
Laiwu TV station  Shandong
Tai’an TV Station  Shandong
Zhucheng TV station  Shandong
Yanzhou TV  Shandong
Shouguang TV station  Shandong
Zaozhuang TV station  Shandong
Jinan TV station  Shandong
Yantai TV Station  Shandong
Shandong TV station  Shandong
Zoucheng TV station  Shandong
Binzhou TV  Shandong
Rizhao TV  Shandong
Laizhou TV  Shandong
Xintai TV  Shandong
Liaocheng TV  Shandong
Texas TV  Shandong
Qingdao TV station  Shandong
Qingzhou TV  Shandong
Qufu TV station  Shandong
Weifang TV station  Shandong
Changyi TV station  Shandong
Zibo TV station Shandong
Jining TV  Shandong
Dongying TV station  Shandong
Linyi TV station  Shandong
Heze TV station  Shandong
Penglai TV station  Shandong
Weihai TV station  Shandong
Laiyang TV station  Shandong
Jizhou TV Hebei
Cangzhou TV station  Hebei
Chengde TV station  Hebei
Hengshui TV station  Hebei
Shijiazhuang TV station  Hebei
Hebei TV  Hebei
Huanghua TV  Hebei
Gaobeidian TV station  Hebei
Baoding TV station  Hebei
Langfang TV  Hebei
Xinji TV station  Hebei
Dingzhou TV station  Hebei
Jinju TV station  Hebei
Hejian TV Station  Hebei
Qinhuangdao TV station  Hebei
Handan TV station  Hebei
Xingtai TV  Hebei
Tangshan TV station  Hebei
Shahe TV Station  Hebei
Zunhua TV station  Hebei
Qian’an TV station  Hebei
Yanshi TV  Henan
Jiaozuo TV  Henan
Zhengzhou TV  Henan
Xiangcheng TV station  Henan
Luohe TV station  Henan
Kaifeng TV  Henan
Xinxiang TV station Henan
Pingdingshan TV station  Henan
Zhengzhou Education Television  Henan
Xinyang TV station  Henan
Zhumadian TV station  Henan
Nanyang TV Station  Henan
Henan TV station  Henan
Zhoukou TV station  Henan
Jiyuan TV station  Henan
Luoyang TV station  Henan
Sanmenxia TV station  Henan
Hebi TV station  Henan
Puyang TV station  Henan
Yongcheng TV station  Henan
Xuchang TV station  Henan
Shangqiu TV station  Henan
Xingyang TV station  Henan
Anyang TV Station  Henan
Zhangzhou TV station Fujian
Southeast TV  Fujian
Xiamen TV  Fujian
Nanping TV Station  Fujian
Jinjiang TV Station  Fujian
Yong’An TV Fujian
Shishi Television  Fujian
Fujian TV station  Fujian
Nanan TV station  Fujian
Longyan TV station  Fujian
Fuzhou TV Station  Fujian
Putian TV  Fujian
Fuding TV  Fujian
Quanzhou TV  Fujian
Gaizhou TV station  Liaoning
Fushun TV station  Liaoning
Chaoyang TV Station  Liaoning
Shenyang TV  Liaoning
Xinmin TV  Liaoning
Tieling TV  Liaoning
Liaoning TV  Liaoning
Huludao TV station  Liaoning
Donggang TV  Liaoning
Liaoyang TV  Liaoning
Dashiqiao TV station  Liaoning
Dalian TV station  Liaoning
Anshan TV station Liaoning
Benxi TV station  Liaoning
Dandong TV  Liaoning
Yingkou TV station  Liaoning
Huaibei TV Station  Anhui
Bengbu TV Anhui
Chuzhou TV station  Anhui
Tongcheng TV station  Anhui
Tongling TV  Anhui
Anqing TV Station  Anhui
Ma On Shan TV Station  Anhui
Liu’an TV station Anhui
Dangtu TV station  Anhui
Tianchang TV station  Anhui
Wuhu TV Station  Anhui
Anhui TV station Anhui
Chizhou television station  Anhui
Hefei TV station  Anhui
Huainan TV Anhui
Fuyang TV station  Anhui
Bozhou TV  Anhui
Xuancheng TV  Anhui
Ningguo TV Station  Anhui
Suzhou TV station Anhui
Huangshan TV station  Anhui
Guigang TV Station  Guangxi 
Lai Bin TV  Guangxi 
Hezhou TV station  Guangxi 
Wuzhou TV station  Guangxi 
Fangchenggang TV station  Guangxi 
Guilin TV Station  Guangxi 
Beihai TV Station  Guangxi 
Hechi TV station  Guangxi 
Nanning TV Station  Guangxi 
Qinzhou TV  Guangxi 
Cenxi TV station Guangxi 
Liuzhou TV  Guangxi 
Baise TV  Guangxi 
Yulin TV  Guangxi 
Gaoping TV Station  Shanxi
Shanxi TV station  Shanxi
Taiyuan TV station  Shanxi
Datong TV station  Shanxi
Yangquan TV station  Shanxi
Changzhi TV station  Shanxi
Tourism Satellite TV  Hainan
Hainan TV  Hainan
Dongfang TV station  Hainan
Sansha TV  Hainan
Hainan TV station  Hainan
Haikou TV  Hainan
Bayannaoer Television  neimenggu
Wulanchabu TV neimenggu
Hohhot TV station  neimenggu
Erdos TV  neimenggu
Wuhai TV Station  neimenggu
Baotou TV  neimenggu
Xilin Gol Television  neimenggu
Xing’an TV station  neimenggu
Hulunbeier TV  neimenggu
NeimengguTV  neimenggu
Tongliao TV station  neimenggu
Chifeng TV station  neimenggu
Yanji TV station  Jilin
Dunhua TV  Jilin
Tonghua TV station  Jilin
Liaoyuan TV  Jilin
Baishan TV station  Jilin
Baicheng TV station  Jilin
Changchun TV station  Jilin
Taonan TV station  Jilin
Jilin TV  Jilin
Heilongjiang TV  Heilongjiang
Yichun TV  Heilongjiang
Hegang TV Station  Heilongjiang
Daqing TV station  Heilongjiang
Jixi TV station  Heilongjiang
Harbin TV station  Heilongjiang
Jiamusi TV station Heilongjiang
Qitaihe TV station  Heilongjiang
Shangzhi TV station  Heilongjiang
Qiqihar television station Heilongjiang
Wuhan Education Television  Hubei
Hubei TV Station  Hubei
Jingmen TV  Hubei
Huangshi TV  Hubei
Yichang TV station  Hubei
Ezhou TV  Hubei
Jingzhou TV Hubei
Wuhan TV station  Hubei
Shiyan TV station Hubei
Zhongxiang TV station  Hubei
Xiangyang TV Station  Hubei
Yueyang TV station  Hunan
Yiyang TV Station  Hunan
Xiangtan TV Station Hunan
Huaihua TV station Hunan
Changsha TV  Hunan
Loudi TV  Hunan
Changde TV station  Hunan
Zhangjiajie TV station  Hunan
Hengyang TV station  Hunan
Chenzhou TV  Hunan
Hunan Satellite TV  Hunan
Fengcheng TV station  Jiangxi
Ganzhou TV station  Jiangxi
Jiujiang TV station  Jiangxi
Xinyu TV station  Jiangxi
Yingtan TV  Jiangxi
Pingxiang TV station Jiangxi
Ji’an TV Station  Jiangxi
Nanchang TV Station  Jiangxi
Yichun TV  Jiangxi
Fuzhou TV station  Jiangxi
Yinchuan TV Station  Ningxia
Ningxia TV Station  Ningxia
Wuzhong TV station  Ningxia
Xinjiang TV station Xinjiang
Kuitun TV  Xinjiang
Karamay TV station  Xinjiang
Yining TV Station  Xinjiang
Mi Dong television  Xinjiang
Tacheng TV station  Xinjiang
Qinghai TV station  Qinghai 
Qinghai Satellite TV  Qinghai 
Xining TV  Qinghai 
Shaanxi TV  Shaanxi
Yangling TV  Shaanxi
Xianyang TV Station Shaanxi
Baoji TV station  Shaanxi
Hanzhong TV  Shaanxi
Tongchuan TV station  Shaanxi
Shangluo TV Station  Shaanxi
Hancheng TV  Shaanxi
Weinan TV station  Shaanxi
Ankang TV  Shaanxi
Xi’an TV station Shaanxi
Yulin TV  Shaanxi
Yan’an TV Station  Shaanxi
Gansu TV station  Gansu
Jiayuguan TV station  Gansu
Pingliang TV  Gansu
Ba ying TV  Gansu
Lanzhou TV  Gansu
Jinchang TV station Gansu
Wuwei TV station  Gansu
Tianshui TV station  Gansu
Sichuan TV station  Sichuan
Yibin TV  Sichuan
Bazhong TV  Sichuan
Chengdu TV station  Sichuan
Liangshan TV station  Sichuan
Zigong TV  Sichuan
Neijiang TV Station  Sichuan
Guang’an TV Station Sichuan
Dali TV  Yunnan
Xishuangbanna Television Yunnan
Yuxi TV  Yunnan
Baoshan TV station  Yunnan
Kunming TV Yunnan
Yunnan TV station  Yunnan
Xuanwei TV station Yunnan
Zunyi TV station  Guizhou
Guiyang TV Station  Guizhou
Anshun TV station  Guizhou
Tongren TV station  Guizhou
Guizhou TV station  Guizhou
Qingzhen TV station  Guizhou
Qiannan TV station  Guizhou
Liupanshui TV station  Guizhou
Lhasa TV  Tibet
Tibet TV station  Tibet
Eastern TV Taiwan
eight TV stations  Taiwan
Perak TV  Taiwan
latitude to the television station  Taiwan
Phoenix Satellite TV  Hong Kong
China TV  Hong Kong
Asian TV  Hong Kong
TVB wireless TV  Hong Kong
Macau TV  Macau
Macau Cable TV  Macau
Lotus TV  Macau
Australia and Asia TV  Macau

Australia and Asia TV

Website Name: Australia and Asia TV
Location: Macau TV website
Website Address:
Introduction to the website:
Australia and Asia Television Chinese station was approved by the General Electricity Bureau in mainland China more than three-star hotel on the basis of landing, but also entered the Guangdong Pearl River Delta region of the tens of thousands of households, so that the mainland audience to understand Macau, understand the world. AIA is a television medium that goes to the mainland of China to the world.
Address: Macau, Laurie Road, No. 600E, the first international business center 4,5 floor
Tel: +853 28990866

Lotus TV

Website name: Lotus TV
Location: Macau TV website
Website Address:
Introduction to the website:
Lotus TV is the only professional satellite TV channel in Macau that offers news, finance, entertainment, local history, culture and social information. Lotus TV was launched on October 28, 2002, and on December 1, 2008, the Macau Special Administrative Region Government granted six satellite television channels.
On November 20, 2008, the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region was granted six satellite television channels for permission. Is a to provide elite culture and Macao local information as the main content, based in Macau, the world-oriented satellite television. The station is located in the new port of Macau, the headquarters of the dynasty, set up advanced, perfect high-definition production equipment and related facilities, the establishment of Macao’s first high-definition television production base.